Located in the heart of Rio Grande Park, with daytime views of Aspen Mountain and nights filled with stars, Theatre Aspen offers professional productions featuring the best of Broadway talent as well as local performers. We are continuously proud of our excellent artistic reputation, enthusiastic audiences and our robust and growing year round educational programming.


Our mission is to produce world class entertainment and arts programming in an engaging, intimate and personal way: World Class Theatre. Dramatically Closer.


For nearly a decade, the Theatre Aspen Apprentice Program (TAAP) has been offering aspiring theatre professionals the opportunity to gain hands on experience in their fields and the opportunity to observe and assist in the production process from start to finish.

Apprenticeships are offered in every department of our theatre -- on stage, in the wings and at the office. Theatre Aspen Apprentices will have the opportunity to make valuable connections and develop career skills by working under these professionals on the main stage, at special events, in our offices and classrooms and more.

Apprentices will be in residence in the spectacular mountain setting of Aspen, CO for the entirety of the Theatre Aspen summer season, generally from mid-May through late August. Select apprenticeships may carry the possibility of arriving earlier or extending beyond the summer season for work on fall activities.

Some apprentices may be offered the chance to take on creative roles in our youth productions, produced by our Education department. These opportunities will be offered as needed and only at the discretion of supervisors.

In addition to the work within their concentration, each apprentice will have the opportunity to volunteer in various roles in our theatre or earn extra money picking up shifts in our concession stand. In the true spirit of a summer stock theatre, there will also be times when the entire staff (full time, part time and apprentices alike) will be asked to chip in in an area outside of their primary responsibilities.

The Theatre Aspen Apprentice program typically culminates in a Showcase. Health and Safety regulations kept us from having our 2020 Showcase, but we remain hopeful that the Class of 2021 will have this opportunity. Should the Theatre Aspen Apprentice Program Showcase go on, all apprentices will take an active role in creating, designing, and/or performing in it.

Theatre Aspen apprenticeships typically run the length of our summer season, typically mid-May through the end of August. This Apprenticeship may offer the option to arrive in Aspen as early as the first week of May and/or to extend into the fall as it pertains to special programming or other events.

The Theatre Aspen Apprentice Program was one of the only of its kind to remain in operation during the summer of 2020. We are very proud that under unprecedented circumstances, 25 young theatre professionals were able to enjoy a one of a kind summer, COVID-free season with us. All activities planned for our 2021 Season are subject to change as we continue to follow the rules, recommendations and guidelines provided to us.

The Theatre Aspen Apprentice Program is generously underwritten by JESSICA AND JOHN FULLERTON, BARBARA AND JON LEE, and SANDY AND KENNY TATE.

Please submit all application materials for the 2021 Theatre Aspen Apprentice Program. If you have any questions, please email kevin@theatreaspen.org.

Please submit all application materials for the 2021 Theatre Aspen Apprentice Program. If you have any questions, please email kevin@theatreaspen.org.

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